PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis/Vitis Vinifera

PhytoCellTec ™ SolarVitis is based on stem cells from the Gamay Teinturier Fréaux grape - a grape from Burgundy, which is characterized by an extremely high UV resistance.

Comprehensive studies show that PhytoCellTec ™ SolarVitis reliably protects epidermal skin stem cells from UV-stress and thus from light-induced skin ageing. The vitality and efficiency of all essential skin cells is increased and the resistance of the skin is improved.

With the use of plant stem cells the skin ageing is delayed by the protection of the most important skin cells, the skin stem cells. PhytoCellTec ™ Solar Vitis protects the skin from chronological and light-induced skin ageing. This keeps the skin cells vibrant for longer, the skin young and beautiful for longer.

Increasing Vitality of Stem Cells
Cell cultures with epidermal stem cells were treated with various concentrations of PhytoCellTec ™ SolarVitis and their colony-forming efficiency was determined. It was shown that PhytoCellTec ™ SolarVitis clearly influences the stem cell characteristics (see graphic).

Protection of epidermal stem cells against UV stress
Cell cultures with epidermal stem cells were treated with PhytoCellTec ™ SolarVitis, while others remained untreated. Thereafter, the cells were all exposed to UVA and UVB rays. After the experiment, the ability to divide (Colony-Forming Efficiency, CFE) of the stem cells was determined. The results show that UV radiation severely affects the ability to divide cells (-58%). The treatment with PhytoCellTec ™ SolarVitis increased the ability to divide the stem cells and was also not affected by their UV radiation (see graphic).

Increasing vitality of stem cells
PhytoCellTec ™ SolarVitis increases the ability to divide stem cells.

Protection of the epidermal stem cells
against UV stress

The divisibility of the stem cells can be obtained with PhytoCellTec ™ SolarVitis even under UV radiation.