PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny

The anti-aging effect of PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny was analyzed on test persons with weak forearm skin elasticity and tired-looking facial skin.


Test product

PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny

Areas of application
Whole face (F) | Forearm (FO) | Eye Wrinkles (CF)

Number of participants: 20 | Age: 40-60 Sex: female Type of skin: I-III

Application: 28 days Frequency: twice daily

Test parameter
Assessment of skin elasticity, wrinkle depth and skin moisture | Facial images


The subjects were not allowed to use any other cosmetic anti-ageing products on the face and on the forearms 28 days before the start of the study. Skin care products without anti-ageing properties were allowed.

Treatment day
Day 0 Biometric measurements (t0) Day 0-day 14 Application at home, twice daily, morning and evening (in the evening) (1, FO, F, CF) Day 14 Biometric measurements (t1) Day 14-day 28 Application at home, twice daily, morning and evening (in the evening) (1, FO, F, CF) Day 28 Biometric measurements (t2)

Material and methods
Wrinkle depth (PRIMOSpico®, GF measuring technology) CF | Elasticity (Cutometer SEM 575, C & K) FO | Humidity (Corneometer® CM825, C & K) FO | (Visioface®device, C & K) F  

The results show a reduction of the wrinkle depth of -8.9% after a treatment period of 28 days, which leads to a visible wrinkle reduction in the crow's foot area. In addition, a significant increase in skin moisture of 24.6% and an increase in elasticity of 15.4% could be observed.

Chart 1
Evaluation of depth of wrinkles after
an application of 28 days

Chart 2
Increase in skin elasticity after a
28-day treatment periodn

Chart 3
Increase in skin moisture levels after a
28-day treatment period

Chart 4
Photos after a 28-day treatment period
with PhytoCellTec forteTM complex Dr. Gerny